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Why Panelized Construction Is Better For The Environment

Less Waste – Wood, drywall, conduit, wiring, and sawdust are just a few examples of things leftover after completion of a construction project.  From the extra inches off that 2×4 to the unused portions of drywall that are too small to use anywhere else, these items add up and require time and effort to dispose of.  What if the use of these materials could be optimized in such a way so as to reduce the percentage of waste to about 2%?

Faster Assembly – There are so many things that go into erecting a new structure, such as framing, drilling holes for conduit, wiring, windows, and drywall.  What if you could double the speed of these stages of assembly without any additional cost?  How many more projects could you complete this year?  Imagine how impressed your clients would be!  Would they refer you to your next project because you got the job done faster than they imagined? What improvements in cash flow would your construction business see?

Prevent Unexpected Delays – Even the most skilled and experienced construction crews are bound to run into some sort of delay caused by an honest mistake – as human beings, none of us are perfect, so there’s bound to be a rare time when a portion of a project may need to be modified, redone, or wait for a replacement part.  Imagine being able to minimize this risk and save the added costs associated with human error.

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