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Versatile Engineered Truss Products Make Construction Projects Simpler

Timber is one of the niftiest building materials on the planet, thanks to its fair durability and capability to be shaped into almost anything. Wood is used in a variety of ways in buildings, for both residential and commercial properties. Construction supply manufacturers have perfected several technologies over the years in order to improve lumber’s usefulness, and one such technology is engineered wood. With engineered wood’s superior sturdiness, it is possible to construct buildings as if they were made with metal materials.

Material Masters-Shigeru Ban’s Work With Wood

An article on the ArchDaily website dated December 2, 2014 discusses the portfolio of a celebrated architect whose trademark building feature is the prominent use of wood. This architect considers lumber as the most ecological choice for construction, especially if it was harvested from a sustainably managed forest. Steel and concrete, according to the featured architect, take from limited resources in nature and are not as environmental. The architect’s amazing work with wood, particularly with engineered wood, has been featured numerous times in the most unlikely of buildings, such as a museum and an office building.

When used responsibly, wood is an extremely reliable material for building. Builders incorporating wood into their projects should learn to sparingly use the material without sacrificing the durability and structural integrity of the entire building. Thankfully, manufacturers such as American Building Innovation offer robust engineered truss products made from repurposed timber that builders can always rely on.

Trusses are one of the most wood-intensive parts of a house, traditionally requiring entire timber logs to construct a viable structural component that can hold up a roof. Such an approach uses up too much resources, and is certainly not a green practice. For something more cost-effective, builders can opt for roof truss structures made from engineered wood. Engineered wood is made by binding boards or parts of lumber in order to create a solid piece. These composite materials have their advantages, such as their capacity to be shaped according to exact specifications, their comparable strength to steel, and their sustainability since they are created from pieces of wood—which manufacturers can simply cobble together from recycled stocks.

(Source: Material Masters: Shigeru Ban’s Work With Wood,, Dec. 2, 2014)

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