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The Power Of Automation

Imagine having to perform the exact same task 50 times. Now imagine having 50 items that need work, with each item requiring a list of 10 tasks. How do you ensure accuracy, minimize mistakes, and get the job done correctly in the most efficient way possible?

Using Computers To Complete Projects Faster

This author was once in charge of installing Windows on 100 computers. Rather than do things the conventional way (which involved monitoring the progress, mouse clicks, and a host of other tasks), I elected to take some time to automate the process by writing several commands that would take myself out of the loop for much of the project. By being able to have two or three different installs going at once, and by letting telling the computers what to do in advance, I was able to complete the project in a mere fraction of the time expected. For a single computer, what would have taken 9 hours was reduced to 3 with only partial automation – a 66% reduction in time spent.

Applying The Principles Of Automation To The Construction Industry

In the same way that this author used computers to install Windows in far less time than expected, ABI has pioneered a process that uses automation to complete projects in far less time compared to conventional methods. Instead of a large construction crew, we use technology to assemble structures such as houses and office buildings with the speed and precision computers are known for.

Is This Technology Proven?

Yes! Automakers use similar machines all the time. From welding to assembly, much of the manufacturing process is completely automated. Bottlers, brewers, shipping companies like Fedex and UPS all use technology to automate what they do. Automation is all around us – even when we don’t notice. Elevators, escalators, conveyor belts, garage doors, and dishwashers are all examples of everyday automation enhancing our lives by increasing productivity.

Is ABI More Expensive Than Having A Traditional Construction Crew?

Absolutely not! In fact, our automated process slashes a substantial portion of expenses off of any construction project. Why pay a 12 man crew, when you can get the job done with a team of 3? Less workers on the job means more savings – and lower monthly payments on your construction loan!

Can I See ABI’s Technology In Action?

Sure! Check out this video to get a better idea of how ABI can save you time and money on your next project:


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