Air and water tight buildings that are designed to stand the test of time. Built using the highest quality materials yet still more affordable than buildings cosntructed using traditional means.

Advantages of ABI Panelized Construction

Be a part of the future. Be a part of ABI. We can build from a template or design from scratch. Either way it’s always yours.

Value Engineering:  It’s all about efficiency.   On jobs where value engineering is a key factor; ABI will help win the project.  Our fabrication technology reduces cost & waste by optimizing materials.  Fabrication through the BIM model means that OSB, lumber and resources are maximized.

BIM:  BIM provides the building owner with both a Construction Process and a tool (the BIM Model) for efficient facilities management for the lifecycle of the building.  ABI is able to participate and contribute our work in a fully 3D/BIM ready format.  The benefits of BIM are many; ABI’s skilled BIM team of modelers and has the latest training on multiple 3D software platforms that allow us to deliver our work in the latest BIM technology.  Whether it is clash detection for your overall project or merely the contribution of ABI’s structural modeling into the BIM central file, ABI is BIM Ready.

Mitigate Risk:  Safety First!  On-Site framing increases the risk of On-Site injuries.  ABI reduces this risk by assembling the panels off site in a controlled environment.

Reduced Time to Market:  Outsourcing to ABI means your panels arrive on site, ready to assemble, in a fraction of the time that stick-framing delivers.  ABI’s automated assembly, packing and transport system means the finished product arrives in quickly assembled units; bringing your MEP team into the finishing process in days instead of months.

Time is Money:  The time you save can be used to win and build more projects.

Precise Slab & Site Coordinates: Ensuring the slab is accurate is essential.  ABI employs Robotic Total Station technology to eliminate the challenges posed by slab and site inconsistencies.

Reduced Theft On-Site:  Since wall units are installed immediately upon delivery, on-site theft is eliminated altogether.

Constructing in Congested Zones:   Since fully assembled wall (floor and roof) units are delivered and unpacked sequentially, the challenges posed by site obstructions and constricted space are greatly reduced.

Reduce Negative Site Impact: Noise and negative environment impact are noticeable and can negatively impact your brand name and even shut down the project.  When neighbors cause delays, this costs the project time AND money.  The negative impact goes further by damaging the perception of your name.  Purchasing ABI panels eliminates the noise and any negative eco-impact:  Problem Solved!

Higher Quality AND Speed:  ABI will reduce mistakes, eliminate shiners and nailing errors.  We use only the highest quality kiln dried lumber and we directly fabricate from a precise BIM model.  Traditionally, on-site labor is paid per piecework.  Quality suffers.   ABI delivers the highest standard of accuracy from the first to the last unit without compromising the highest production rate in the industry.  When on-site labor rushes; burn-out, mistakes and injury cost you.  Take a moment to consider how ABI’s fully automated process can mitigate the costs directly linked with injuries and mistakes caused by fatigued workers.

Mistakes On-Site:  Incorrect cutting of materials leads to unscheduled waste and the reordering of more lumber.  Managing the proper cutting and waste of on-site materials poses challenges that can be overcome when materials are cut and checked in the ABI factory.  

Shortage of Skilled Labor:  Past market conditions means a current shortage of skilled labor.  Less skilled labor is needed when ABI delivers your wall panels. ABI’s fabrication technology delivers product with the highest quality of construction.  Your labor can focus on assembling on site while the technical burden of precision, accuracy and speed is handled by automation.  Plumbers and mechanical firms have used fabrication for years; now it’s your turn.

Better Scheduling:  Since the panels arrive completed; much of the scheduling challenges around parts and labor have already been eliminated.  10 – 15 minute installation time per panel means simplified scheduling for your crew.

Reliability:  Calling in sick means your production chain is missing a link; your workflow suffers.  ABI brings the entire workflow into a controlled process where logistics and production are automated.  Unifying the ‘pieces’ of piecemeal production eliminates the cost of a broken workflow.

Why Ship Labor To Cover A Shortage?  Shipping labor to a project site is expensive.  Let ABI deliver quality product directly to a remote project site.

Delay & Shortage of Material:  Not having enough material or delays in their delivery will shut down the project.

Wrong Materials Delivery:  When the wrong materials arrive on site, they have to be sent back.  The problem has to be sourced and corrected.  This all negatively impacts your workflow.

Bad Weather?  No Problem:  ABI’s 60,000 square foot factory is fully enclosed and we ship fully weathered-in panels directly to the site.  When weather stops on-site framing cold, ABI can deliver through any storm.  In fact, ABI can work ‘round the clock in any weather since no part of our fabrication touches the outside elements.  With all the time ABI saves your project, you can pick a time when the weather clears to have your field crew connect the fully assembled wall panels.

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