Roof Truss

Our engineered trusses are designed to effectively and intelligently balance a load and are built to the highest specifications. Since the 1950’s trusses have commonly been factory-built, however not like in the ABI factory. Our truss tables are some of the largest and most dynamic set-ups in the world capable of high volume output and unrivaled quality and efficiency.


Floor Truss

Having even flooring is not only a delight for the user but is now as so easy install you don’t need a team of skilled laborers. Our flooring is designed in our factory and installed by a small team on site.


Wall Panels

Our signature product, ABI’s wall panels can include electrical, plumbing, insulation and exterior and interior finishes. In a recent comparison between “stick-framing” and panelized walls, a panelized home had a 40% shorter build time, 55% less lumber waste, 60% less sheathing waste.


Building Kits

ABI offers Do-It-Yourself or professionally installed Building Kits that can be easy assembled at your home site with a team as little as 1-2 people. Building Kits are built in our state-of-the-art factory and will meet all local building codes.

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