From foundation to finalization in days not months. The the future of construction is ABI.

First we create a model from blueprints.
The panels are manufactured at our factory.
The panels arrive at the site.
Panels are unloaded from the truck and placed in groups around the foundation.
The panels are assembled according to detailed instructions.


Outlined below is the process of panelized construction:

1. Survey Land. A on-site inspection occurs to determine layout, geographic position, direction of sun and environmental considerations. Often times we’ll use a Total Station (an electronic theodolite with an electronic distance meter) to read slope distances, accurately define boundary lines and provide precise, to the millimeter measurements.

2. Design. An architect working either on paper or digitally designs the building. This step can be expedited by using a pre-made template.

3. Submit. Plans are submitted to the local agencies for approval and permits are issued.

4. Model. Using the latest Computer-Aided Design/ Modeling software we convert the blueprints into a model that is installed into our process systems for manufacture.

5. Manufacture. Our computer controlled factory then manufactures the components with laser precision, accuracy and minimal waste.

6. Delivery. Our panels are then trucked, trained or even flow to their destination along with detailed instructions on assembly.

7. Assembly & Finalization. Panels are assembled then contractors put together the final touches including wiring, plumbing, paint and fixtures.

In addition, our panels can be be delivered with features already installed such as windows, doors, insulation, exterior siding and more.

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