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At ABI we believe the secret to a successful company is the careful combination of multi-skilled personnel, advanced technologies and carefully planned processes. It’s this unique approach that makes every project successful. Our administrative staff works seamlessly with our off-site staff and contractors to ensure proper communication flow and a thorough understanding of every projects needs. We only hire people with big visions, who are expert problem solvers and have an intimate knowledge of technology both within and outside their field. Hiring the best results in the best work. That is the ABI way.

Tin Vo – Managing Partner

Mr. Vo is a graduate of CSULB in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He started his career in software development and mastering computer languages. Tin is very adept in logic, object-based programming and data structuring, this along with his sharp business acumen paved the way into his successful real estate investments. Mr. Vo has a Real Estate Brokers license and holds a General B Contractor’s License and a C-8 concrete license in the State of California. Mr. Vo invested heavily in real estate development from flipping residential homes, building spec homes, purchasing undeveloped land and overseeing the entitlement and development of apartment and commercial complexes. In 2007, Mr. Vo recognized the value of automation to revolutionize the construction process after having his own project built using this technology. Mr. Vo then committed his time and resources into developing both the technology and process to maximize its’ current and future potential for both his own developments and the developments of his clients.

JD Standridge – Light Gauge Steel Director

Mr. Standridge is a seasoned executive with expertise in cold form steel (CFS) manufacturing and a long history of a success with streamlining operations. He graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. Mr. Standridge has a rich history in CFS manufacturing where he’s served as VP of Operations for Ecolite Concrete in Carlsbad, CA; has designed his own patent-pending flip table; and worked on numerous projects ranging from residential projects to a $20-million dollar 5-story condominium in San Diego. Mr. Standridge is experience with ACAD, KeyMark and Frame CAD software including writing ICC manuals.

Jill Howie – Project Coordinator

Ms. Howie has been a licensed Real Estate Agent and commercial property manager for over twenty years. From 1997 to 2006, she has been heavily involved in real estate investment and development. Ms. Howie is also a skilled interior and landscape designer. She has managed the construction of large condominium projects and is skilled in developer defect legislation.

Rick Hanna – Purchasing Manager

Mr. Hanna has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a seasoned expert in purchasing and manufacturing. He was previously the Vice President of Gang Nail Components and Trusframe. His core competencies are in manufacturing process and efficiencies, material flow and material control. Mr. Hanna oversees all the component and material purchasing with meticulous accuracy.

Robert Woolsey – Account Executive

Mr. Woolsey is a 10 Year veteran of finance and real estate development with a degree in Business & Marketing from the University of Montana. Born in Orange County, Mr. Woolsey is familiar with real estate trends, construction and economic contingency. Mr. Woolsey has created many strategic relationships and memorable impressions during his professional tenure in Orange County. Following in his dads footsteps, Mr. Woolsey began working in the underground utility field, obtaining a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry. His construction experience spans from working for the city of San Diego, Par Corporation, and H.C.I., as a labor and eventually managing crews as a foreman.

In his free time Mr. Woolsey enjoys skydiving, riding motocross, SCUBA diving, traveling and deep sea fishing.

Logan Diaz

Paul Fiore – Business Development Manager

Mr. Fiore holds a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and Classical Music from the University of San Diego. He has over 20 years of business development and sales experience that has afforded his clients with skills to profile, reach and present strategic as well as project based solutions to decision makers and multiple stakeholders in the opportunity pipeline. His core talents include identifying strategic needs then engaging the leaders of these AECO firms with the proper technical teams offers resource and solution in a period of great need.

His key specialties are: Enterprise, C-Level Sales Expertise. Proven ability to engage, manage and sustain ‘blue chip’ Client sales opportunities, especially in the Building Information Modeling and AECO marketplace.


Roy Arcel – Director of Design

Mr. Arcel is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelors of Science in Architectural Design. A skilled artist as a child, he developed his talents to become a versatile and creative architect with many broad-reaching projects under his belt. A licensed architect for over 16 years he’s designs have included single family production homes, multi-family and apartment complexes. A former senior designer for KB Homes including several other major Orange County architectural firms.

Ben Afzal – Professional Engineer

Mr. Afzal has over 15 years of experience in the residential and commercial structural engineering field specializing in light-gauge steel, wood and concrete. Mr. Afzal graduated from Cal-State Fullerton with a Bachelors Degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering and then a Masters in Environmental and Structural Engineering. Amongst his many projects, he recently worked on a Holiday Inn hotel near Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, and a 70,000-sq. ft. Senior Living Facility in Escondido, CA. His specialty is value engineering and cost control in reducing unneeded design components without jeopardizing the structural integrity of a building.


Oscar Perez – Designer

Mr. Perez has a degree in Architectural Drafting from Norco College and has always been passionate about design, technology and modeling. He manages the development and modeling of shop drawings to find and correct any structure issues that can affect the framing and fabrication of panels. His major responsibility is ensuring accuracy in the design process and that problems are discovered in-model versus on-site. He is an expert in Revit and StrucSoft software.

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