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Real estate entitlement used to be a risky and expensive endeavor but now ABI with their talented partners brings together technology and experience to mitigate risks and expedite the construction process. ABI makes entitlement less stressful, less risky and more affordable. Our partners can share in the expense and lend their experience making development more manageable, practical and cost effective.

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Investment Club

Join our ABI Investment Club and benefit from a wide variety of investment opportunities each with their own unique rate of return and terms. The ABI Investment Club is perfect for individual investors with any amount of money to invest.

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Landowners seeking to develop their land into a cash flow generating property are able to utilize our technology and robust library of prebuilt designs to determine the best and highest use of any property. For landowners who don’t have the experience in development let ABI work with you and we’ll find the best use and highest profit gain for your property.

Reasons Landowners need to work ABI:

  • Our expertise and resources determine the best use of your property
  • In-house team of architects, engineers and construction experts
  • We are seasoned real estate developers with million dollars worth of completed projects
  • We can build in days not years
  • We examine whats above ground and below for safety and efficiency
  • High-tech machinery and software automates entire process
  • Multiple exit strategies
  • Low risk

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Current Investment Opportunities Available!

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Key Development Areas

ABI is focused on three specific development areas which were chosen because they present the lowest risk especially during times of economic depression:

  • Senior Housing
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Mixed Use
Benefits Working With ABI Team
  • Increased ROI
  • Avoid costly delays
  • In-house architectural team
  • Precise material and labor cost analysis (via BIM modeling)
  • Automated construction process
  • Reuse existing designs to reduce costs
  • Staying Within Budget/ Timeframe
  • Minimized Waste & Optimized Materials
  • Replicable Process
  • Speed To Market

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Project Example
A one acre parcel can be developed into a 24-unit condominium or apartment complex that can generate $1-2 million in equity and at least $10,000 in net monthly cash flow in as little as 12 months. This equates to a 50-200% Return On Investment (ROI) with an 18% cash flow rate of return.

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