Investment – Land Owner

Investment – Land Owners

Current and prospective land owners have a tremendous opportunity to develop their property with minimal-to-no capital investment by working with ABI. We provide strategic joint venture relationships in which we connect capital investors with land owners. Additionally, we provide complete management of the land development process. Using our automated panel technology and extensive business resources we can take raw land and convert it into an income producing property is significantly less time than conventional building practices.


The ABI advantage is our in-house team of veteran architects, engineers, investors, developers and construction and management experts that are focused on mitigating risk and identifying both near-term and long-term opportunity.

Risk & Exit Strategy

Knowing risks change at different levels of the development process we provide the land owner with multiple exit strategies and multiple avenues of income. Realizing the potential of raw land is heavily reliant on both the entitlement process and surrounding circumstances. We leverage technology along with a thorough due diligence process to ensure the best land use and provide the safest possible investment.

Common Risks of land ownership:

  • Long, costly and complicated entitlement process
  • Environmental considerations
  • Economic fluctuations
  • Changing market conditions
  • Unfulfilled potential

Eliminate the risk of not knowing what’s underneath the ground, we provide extensive research both above ground and below to mitigate risk and proactively create value.

Costs of sitting on raw land:

  • Weed Abatement
  • Vandalism
  • Property Tax
  • General Liability
  • General Maintenance
  • Depreciation Value

Out-of-Box Thinking

At the heart of ABI is our creativity, innovation and out-of-box thinking that is not limited to our present circumstance. Perhaps the best use of a land extends beyond its own borders and there could be value in partnering with adjacent properties. A neighborhood-wide improvement could greatly increase both revenue and property values for all parties. It’s this type of thinking that enables us to look at opportunities of all sizes.

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