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Any seasoned investor understands the inherit risks with investing, however real estate investments have categorically been the safest with consistent growth and a strong ROI. Smart investing starts with experience, careful forethought and a healthy dose of pragmatism. ABI’s Investment Club take’s this a step forward by injecting technology, process and innovative construction methods to further increase profits, best mitigate risk and speed up time to market.

ABI’s Investment Club presents it’s members with a range of investment opportunities each ranging from short-term cash loans for equipment, labor and other project costs to long-term investments in the development and management of income producing properties.

ABI Investment Club provides its’ members with a variety investment opportunities such as:

  • Construction Loans
  • Invoice Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • Entitlement Cost Loans
  • Building Rehabilitation Loans
  • And More!

Contact us today and we’ll share with you our current list of investment opportunities.

Potential Investment Scenarios:


Home Remodeling

We take homes that below their market potential and remodel it thereby realizing its true value. Investments are securitized by mechanics liens and partnership contracts. These investments can offer the fastest ROI.

Entitlement Projects

We work with land owners in obtaining permits and engineering plans to develop raw land into income producing investments.


We seek out land and property opportunities that have market potential both near term and long term. This includes the development of the land for our investment partners. Flip or create more value.


Construction has many stages and therefore presents many opportunities for the wise investor. You can invest in a particular stage (short-term) of construction or for the entire project (long-term).

Safe, Secure and Smart


We are proud adopters of the lean Principles of Six Sigma, an innovative set of techniques and tools for manufacturing excellence. Core to Six Sigma is the identification and removal of defects and the minimizing of variability in our process. This equates to a lean and streamlined construction process and smart investment practices that emphasizes replicability and consistency. It’s this dedication to efficiently and quality control that permeates every aspect of our enterprise.

Lean and efficient construction and investment management practices allow us to deliver value and cost effectiveness all while minimizing risk and increasing our rate of return.

Learn About Six Sigma →


Technology enables us to design and build like no other company can. We create comprehensive digital models of all our structures that give us incredible insight into how we can maximize value and reduce expenses. All this enables us to provide safe and strong investments opportunities for our investment partners.

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