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Have you ever gotten fed up with the amount of advertising that arrives in your mailbox on a regular basis? For me, Wednesday is my least favorite day to get the mail, because even after opting out of as many things as possible, local businesses continue to stuff my mailbox with unwanted coupons. Have you ever wondered how many trees could be saved by not having all of this unsolicited correspondence?


ABI Saves Trees By Eliminating Construction Waste.

Now imagine how many trees could be saved by reducing construction waste. Conservatively, let’s say your next project produces 10% waste. With ABI’s innovative methods, our typical construction project has only 2% waste – an 8% savings in this hypothetical scenario. This also means less post-project cleanup. For a project that produces 15% waste, ABI would reduce that by 13%, and a project with 25% waste would be reduced by 23%. if each percentage point was 100lbs of waste, we would be eliminating 800lbs, 1,300lbs, and 2,300lbs, respectively, for our three hypothetical projects. Together, these three projects combine to form 4,400lbs of eliminated waste…that’s over 2 tons!


Efficiency Means Not Wasting Resources

Imagine a world where everyone used ABI’s process to save money and reduce waste. Would the Laws of Supply and Demand work in our favor, where less waste means reduced costs for the exact same building materials? Would people be healthier by having more abundant supplies of oxygen available, thanks to millions of trees saved? As human beings, we have the power to create amazing machines, construct towering skyscrapers, build cathedrals, design vast shopping malls, and envision beautiful homes for our families. With great power comes great responsibility – to ourselves and future generations. ABI envisions a future where urbanization and eco-friendliness converge in a harmonious balance that is good for the environment, good for the economies of the world, and good for humanity as a whole. By pioneering cost-saving innovations that drastically reduce waste, ABI is leading the way towards a warm and bright future where everyone can afford shelter – a world where nature and humanity can co-exist in ways that are beneficial to everyone and everything on this gorgeous planet that we live on.

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