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What Is A Building Kit?

Designing a home or commercial building is certainly a costly endeavor, from architect fees, Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) and Fire Sprinkler Design to other discipline-specific fees, to the constant delays waiting for plan modifications, obtaining city approval and even construction delays. ABI has solved these problems by leveraging strategic relationships with architects, designers and engineers to provide ready-to-assembly buildings that are stamped, code compliant and built using innovative technology. All this saves you time, money and stress!

Complete Solution

Building Kits are complete structures; walls, roof, floors, windows and doors and incorporate MEP and Fire Sprinkler. These components are assembled by an innovative process in our state-of-the-art factory then shipped directly to your project site along with detailed instructions for easy on-site assembly.

ABI Building Kits are not just designs that work in theory, they are actual plans for real buildings. We scoured literally thousands of plans and hand picked our favorites that meet specific criteria such as meeting high market demand, having strong open floorpans, cost practical and that are environmentally considerate.

Design Flexibility & Scaleability

We have a team of designers, architects, engineers and more available to modify any of our Building Kit designs and make it specific to your site’s unique needs. We can even take your existing plans and convert them into a building kit, designed once, build many.

Building Kit Value
  • Save Considerable Time & Money
  • Safer, Greener and Higher Quality
  • Less Stress due to Minimal Problems, Change Orders and Staying Within Budget
  • Virtual Walkthroughs
  • Fast Occupancy: Minimal delays due to material delivery, building conflicts, change orders
  • Less Skill Labor Needs
  • Minimal Site Impact on Neighborhood & Environment
  • Precise Planning, Budgeting and Organizing
  • Emergency Readiness
  • Less Waste on Site

Experience Your Home in 3D

We provide unprecedented visual insight into your future home. Beyond simple drawings and blueprints we offer complete, photorealistic 3D renders enabling you to fully experience your new home. This technology makes selecting the right furniture, materials and appliances much easier. Throw on our virtual reality goggles and actually experience walking throughout your home in real-time. Leave nothing to chance or even the imagination, our designers and modelers will show you in exact and precise detail what we will be delivering to you.

We have several visualization resources including 3D models and photorealistic rendering, virtual walkthroughs with Virtual Display Glasses, interior design options, Reality Experience through 3D model, and structural and MEP layout views.

Social Responsibility

At ABI our greatest desire is to promote social responsibility, which is why we put considerable effort into ensuring our products are affordable, reliable and rapidly-available during emergency and crisis needs.

Ecological Responsibility

According to National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) – 70 cubic yard (7K to 12K LBS) of waste – 40% of that is wood

We can work with your plans!

If you have your own plans, whether from your architect or purchased online, we can make that into a kit. Simply call us today to learn more.

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