Giving Back

Plant-A-Tree Project

ABI is proud to announce our newest sustainable and goodwill effort to create a cleaner, greener and healthier world by planting a tree for each and every project to compensate for the minimal wastes we generate. On average, we generate between 3-5% wastes compared to the upwards of 20% wastes for traditional construction. This, in addition to funding global tree planting projects and general fundraising, will help us achieve our long term goal of 100,000 trees planted. At ABI we believe in a sustainable, ecological and environmentally-friendly business practices.

Trees provide much needed oxygen that keeps us alive and enhances the quality of life on this planet. It is estimated that we consume more than 123 million cubic feet of wood annually, and less than 1% is replenished. This alarming reality is we are literally destroying a natural source of abundant, fresh oxygen. Not to to mention the beauty and majesty a tree provides. Further, traditional “stick-build” construction practices leave so much excess and lumber wastes that builders are literally throwing away good wood. At ABI our advanced technology enables us to make the best use of our lumber consumption resulting in dramatically lowered wastes. Less waste, more trees. It’s that simple!

Non-Profit Partnerships

Stop Hunger Now

ABI believes that no child should go hungry which is why we are strong supporters of Stop Hunger Now. ABI’s employees have contributed to the packaging of over 300,000 meals and have personally donated 2,000 meals for hungry children worldwide.

About Stop Hunger Now

For only 25 Cents you can provide one meal for a hungry child. Stop Hunger Now has been fulfilling its commitment to end hunger across the globe for 15 years. Established in 1998, Stop Hunger Now coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid to crisis-burdened areas around the world. This is accomplished through popular community-supported meal packaging programs that often are part of corporate responsibility or volunteer service projects.

Stop Hunger Now distributes its meals through feeding programs operated by partner organizations in developing countries which promote education, encourage children to attend school, improve the health and nutrition of students, address gender inequalities, spur economic growth, combat child labor, and create a platform for tackling global issues. In addition to supporting school feeding programs, Stop Hunger Now also provides meals in response to crisis relief.

+ Visit Stop Hunger Now Website

+ Donate & Feed A Hungry Child Today

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