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ABI Custom Homes. Revolutionizing Home Ownership

Smart Home Ownership

By working with you and providing a customized solution to your specific needs we can cut costs, reduce risk and offer you incredible value.

Our Custom Homes are perfect for anyone looking to:
1. Buy an Existing Home
2. Buy a Tract Home
3. Build a Custom Home

When you buy or build a new home from a builder/developer or General Contractor you are paying for many things unrelated to the house itself

Compare for yourself some of the costs that increase the price of a new home:

Item Builder/ Developer General Contractor ABI
Start Up Costs
Incorporation Costs
Legal Fees
Stock Dividends
Development Costs
Developer Fee
Developer Profits
Marketing Costs
Construction Material Waste
Engineering / Design Mistakes / Change Orders
Upsell Options (i.e., pool, backyard, fireplace, etc.)
Management Costs
Sales Commission
Construction Delays
Cost Overruns

These fee’s can amount up to 15% or more of the total cost! Don’t pay more than you should, put this money back into your pocket.

What 15% Savings Looks Like In Equity

Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego
San Bernardino

Average Home Cost

$457,720 (From Zillow)
$734,650 (From Zillow)
$354,020 (From Zillow)
$599,000 (From Realtor.com)
$226,200 (Zillow)

Instant Equity Savings



Think of Us As A Developer/ Builder For Hire!

Instead of buying an old or new pre-designed home, you’ll be able to have a custom home that is perfect for you with a price lower than you would have paid from other big name builders. Think of this as buying a new home at a discount! The entire process doesn’t take much time as we manage the land acquisition, entitlement, permitted, design and construction for you. Building a custom home from us is as easy and buying a new home.

In addition to the multiple costs we are not incurring we also have a continuous and innovative improvement program that further reduces costs. Below are some of these examples:

  • Using Technology to Minimize Problems and Wasted Resources
  • Builder Discount
  • Volume Discounts
  • Utilize Lean and Efficient Processes
  • Employing Only Trusted, Skilled and Qualified Subcontractors
  • One-Time Closing Finance Options
  • Achieve Faster Build Time
  • Eliminate Over Purchasing through Accurate Material Takeoffs and Optimization
  • Superior Risk Management
  • Knowing How and When to Buy Materials
  • Expert Coordination with all Trades, Vendors and Professionals


We Don’t Just Make Houses,
We Help Make it a Home.

ABI Offers Interior Decorator/ Designer Services

We understand that design is beyond simple architecture. It’s the furniture, art pieces and colors that truly make a home a statement. We have several seasoned interior decorators and designers available to our clients to make your house as unique as you.

The ABI Difference

Saving Time, Money and Resources

One-Stop Shop

  • Designers/ Architects
  • Land Acquisition / Development
  • Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Interior Decorators

All under one roof!



  • Automated Equipment
  • Propriety Software
  • Minimal Problems
  • Minmal Waste
  • Better Quality
  • Volume Manufacturing, Lower Costs

Unparalleled, industry-leading technology



  • Lean and Efficient
  • Repeatable, Scalable
  • Reduced Human Errors
  • Smart Systems
  • Reduced Overhead
  • Highly Agile and Flexible
  • Continuously Improving
  • Risk Mitigation

Process is the difference between perfection and problems.

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We pride ourselves on leveraging our technology, experience and industry insight to offer the best pricing to our customers. Depending on how much you pay for the lot and the complexity of the project, our prices, for the most part, are typically lower than the market cost.

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