Build your custom home in weeks not months.

ABI's panelized technology allows for the rapid development of any wood-framed or light gauge steel (LGS) structure. Learn more about our Custom Homes division.

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Building Kits Save Time & Money

Why build from scratch when you can choose from our large collection of building kits that are complete with elevation plans, 3D models, engineering considerations and local code approval.

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Innovative technology without the premium cost

Our revolutionary technology creates high quality structures at market costs. Have more without spending more.

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Increased build time, less labor costs.

Builders, framers and contractors can benefit greatly from our technology by the rapid deployment of a structure by smaller and less costly crews in shorter times creating more time for other projects.

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Emergency Preparedness.

During times of natural crisis we are poised to deliver sustainable housing and supplies to those in need quickly.

Giving Back

At ABI we believe in creating a brighter, cleaner and safer world for the future. From packing food for the poor, creating sustainable housing to eco-friendly construction and more.

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The Future Of Construction Is In Our Hands

Across the world robotic technology is trusted in everything from automobile manufacturing to surgery. We're using this same technology to build you a superior structure.

ABI is changing the way we build.

ABI is a Structural Building Component Manufacturer of Roof Trusses, Floor Trusses, Prefabricated Wall Units in Wood and Light Gauge Metal (LGS)

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Lean, Mean & 5S Powered

ABI takes efficiency to new heights by utilizing the five pillars of a visual workplace -- sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain -- also known as 5S.

At ABI, Technology is KING!

Our factory utilizes robots to build near-perfect residential and commercial structures that leave behind antiquated building practices.

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The heart of ABI is Automation.

Each nail is mathematically computed to provide the maximum load balance and nailed with laser accuracy.

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Exciting Architect Partnerships

Create projects, share in our technology, expand your audience and resell your work.

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ABI Built.

Structures bearing the mark of ABI Built denote the highest quality materials, design and workmanship. Trust no other.

About ABI

American Building Innovation (ABI) is a real estate investment enterprise that manages the entire construction process in-house, from land acquisition, architectural design, entitlement, structural plans, permitting, on- and off- site construction, and ultimately property management.

In addition to being a Licensed General Contractor we employ a full team of in-house experts in:

  • Architects
  • Structural Designers
  • On-Site Construction Teams
  • Engineers
  • Construction Fabricators / Automated Panel and Truss Machinery
  • Skilled Trade Subcontractors

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Benefit of ABI Process: BIM, Automation, Pre-Built

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1Innovative technology, streamlined processes and lean practices from start to finish in every aspect of our operation help deliver tremendous value, savings and efficiency without the premium costs. Completing projects faster and safer versus traditional methods enables us to save time and money and realize profits sooner.


Faster Development

2Integration and automation of the entire process from design to 3D rendering to fabrication within days instead of months cut down the time needed to complete the project. ABI Process starts with a thorough analysis of all project considerations (prevailing wages, site condition, distance, etc.) and fabrication methods (panels or modules) that yield the most cost effective and efficient means to complete the project.


Highest Quality

3At the heart of our operation is CNC control automation which is synonymous with quality and precision. Our process and equipment are able to produce the same component according to the required specification and quantity consistently and reliably. Nails, studs and sheathing are aligned and nailed correctly with minimal human involvement ensuring a perfect and air tight structure.



4Environmental Responsibility is present at every stage of construction here at ABI. Typically, a project is made with less than 5% waste, which reduces our carbon foot print and extends our landfill use. A study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) determined our process enables construction to be completed up to 3 times as quickly at 5% waste instead of the typical 40%.

Visualize Your Home Before Breaking Ground!

Laser Precise TotalStation
The Future of Construction, Powered by ABI

With TotalStation, you can experience a real-world sense of what your new home will look like right at on your jobsite as our crews will accurately and precisely mark out the boundaries of each room. Or simply slip on your Virtual Reality Goggles and “step into” your future home by way of a virtual tour.

ABI Construction Value